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South African Oncology Consortium (SAOC)

Area: Centurion, Pretoria
Region: Western Cape
Physical Address: Falcon Office Park, Block 3, 142 South Street, Centurion, Pretoria
Postal Address: PO Box 10053, Centurion, 0046, South Africa
Phone: +27 (0)12 667 2067
Fax: +27 (0)12 667 2073
Cell: +27 (0)83 283 3317
After Hours Number: +27 (0)83 283 3317

The SAOC is an accredited Managed Care Organisation. The SAOC was established to facilitate cost-effective oncology treatment to the broader South African population.

In support of its objective, the SAOC has developed a "tiered" oncology treatment guideline structure in which chemotherapy and radiation therapy options are tailored to meet the financial constraints of the patient's healthcare insurance benefits.

The SAOC's Utilisation Review Committee is mandated with the ongoing development and maintenance of these guidelines. The Utilisation Review Committee (URC) is further responsible for case review or peer-to-peer review on behalf of client schemes, with the primary objective of promoting appropriate healthcare delivery.

The SAOC has embarked on a project to develop a comprehensive consolidated oncology database, which it believes will ensure that best practice and therefore quality of treatment will prevail in a sector confronted by enormous financial challenges.

Please visit our website for further information.

If there are any errors in the above information, please notify us via an email to info@sadoctors.co.za


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