The Foundation for Professional Development (FPD)

Suburb: Pretoria, Gauteng
Region: Gauteng
Physical Address: Struland Office Park (East Block), 173 Mary Street, The Willows, Pretoria, 0184, South Africa
Postal Address: PO Box 75324, Lynwood Ridge, 0040, South Africa
Phone: +27 (0)12 816 9000

The vision of FPD is to build a better society through education and development.

Mission Statement
FPD's mission is to ensure the availability of skilled professionals, allied workers and managers who will be able to deliver a service to the public that is affordable, evidence based and congruent with international best practice.

All of FPD's activities are based on, and flow from, the following core values, which were developed by FPD staff through a consultative process.

FPD strives to be an innovator in the health care system by challenging the status quo and by actively identifying opportunities to effect positive change with a view to shaping the future of health care. This is achieved by aggressively embracing growth opportunities and committing ourselves to producing leadership.

FPD and its staff adhere to moral and ethical principles in all their activities. This is reflected in honest and professional conduct, personal accountability and a commitment to not abuse the resources of the organisation or its sponsors. Most of all, FPD will not compromise its institutional principles for the sake of political expedience.

FPD strives to guarantee the excellence of all its products and services. All such services are designed to meet the current needs of its clients. Underlying this commitment to quality is a continuous drive to achieve excellence and the systems to reward such achievements.

Freedom to Challenge
FPD encourages an environment where staff can voice their opinion without fear of victimisation.  Constructive critique and creative debate between stakeholders and staff are encouraged.

Consideration for the rights of individuals and groups is integral to FPD as an organisation. FPD honours the personal beliefs of its clients, its staff and its service beneficiaries.

Service to Society
All FPD’s activities are dedicated to serving the best interest of society. FPD’s focus is public health priorities and the promotion of optimal health care.

The Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) was established in 1997 by the South African Medical Association. FPD’s rapid growth led to a decision being taken to establish it as separate legal entity in 2000 (registration number 2000/002641/07). The South African Medical Association, a Section 21 not-for-profit company, has a 90% shareholding. The remainder of the shares are employee owned.

FPD prides itself on being one of the few private higher educational institutions that fully engages in the three areas of higher educational scholarship – teaching and learning, research, and community engagement. These areas provide the three focus areas of our work:

         Teaching and Learning – FPD provides a comprehensive curriculum of development courses in management and professional skills that are customised to the needs of managers and practitioners. Educational products are presented through formal postgraduate qualifications, short courses, in-house courses and conferences.


         Research – FPD’s research priorities focus on promoting action research, clinical research and research on educational practice.


         Community Engagement – This is a critical component of our work and targets areas such as: the development of grassroots NGOs; AIDS and TB treatment and care; and developing institutional capacity within the public sector, utilising a public-private-initiative model.

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