The Health Care Waste Forum of Southern Africa

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The Health Care Waste Forum Southern Africa is a non-profit member-based organisation open to all stakeholders of the Medical and Health Care Waste industry. The Forum was established from the Health Care Waste Interest Group, founded in 2000 under the auspices of the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa. Members of the Forum include representatives from public and private sectors with interests from where the products and materials are manufactured, to the use and implementation thereof and disposal of the waste generated as a result. Integral to the Forum is the continuous dialogue that is encouraged and stimulated between various parties in interactive and dynamic forum sessions. Its vision is to be the primary voice of the health care waste industry and their mission is to provide a strategic communication platform for the whole industry to share experiences on legislation, best practice, new information and network with industry stakeholders. The forum is accessible to all. Their core value is to operate within the policy and ethical frameworks delineating professional waste management.

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