The Restoration of Human Abilities Association (ROHA)

Area: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
Region: Western Cape
Physical Address: Business Suite @ El Mizpah Ademaine Uitenhage Road, Withoogte, Nelson Mandela Metro
Postal Address: PO Box 12832, Centralhill, 6006, South Africa
Phone: +27 (0)41 955 5798
Fax: +27 (0)86 624 1623

Mental illness is indiscriminate. It can affect anyone. A balanced lifestyle, in which sport and exercise play an important part, is of the essence to maintain mental health.

The road to success depend on awareness and taking responsibility for your own wellbeing. This is the rationale behind our programmes.

Our clients fall into two categories: those who are healthy in mind and body (awareness campaigns) and those that live with long-term illness such as psychiatric conditions, HIV/AIDS, diabetes and TB (therapeutic services).


As its name states ROHA focuses on providing therapeutic services and personal development that will restore the abilities lost through mental illness, disability and neglect.

Our programmes are aimed at providing therapeutic services to the sufferers of mental illness, HIV/AIDS patients and their caregivers and creating awareness of mental illness and its management.

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