Department of Health - Eastern Cape South Africa

Area: Bhisho, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Region: Eastern Cape
Physical Address: Department of Health Eastern Cape, Dukumbana Building, Independance Avenue, Bhisho, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Postal Address: Private Bag X38, Bhisho, 5605, South Africa
Phone: 08000 32364
Contact Person: Ms. N. Maseko
Departments of Health South Africa - Eastern Cape Department of Health

The core business of the Department is to provide quality health care through a range of services, from primary, secondary and tertiary levels, in facilities such as clinics, community health centres and hospitals and through these services the Department contributes towards wellness in the community and thus impacting addressing the Burden of Disease within the province.  

The 2009/10-2014/15 Strategic Plan is therefore developed and aligned to the core business of the Department as outlined above, especially focusing of the implementation of Primary Health Care.  In addition, the policy direction set by the National Department of health; the Provincial EXCO Resolutions on Service Delivery Improvements are the guiding pillars for the next five years.  

The National Health Council adopted a set of Ten Point Plan Priorities for Health which will inform the Provincial Strategic Planning. The implementation of some of these will commence during the 2009/10 financial year. The Ten Priorities are:-
Implementing the National Health Insurance Plan
Improving quality of health services
Overhauling Management System
Improving human resource management
Revitalizing physical infrastructure
Accelerating implementation of HIV and AIDS plan and reduction of mortality due to TB and associated diseases.
Attaining better health for the population
Social mobilisation for better health
Reviewing drug policy
Research and development

Over the next five years the Department of Health will be consolidating the strategic thrusts of the 2009/10 – 2014/15 Strategic plan and make necessary interventions informed by emerging priorities.  We will also intensify our efforts to meet the Millennium Development Goals and Provincial Government Programme through the five priority health programmes.
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