Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre - Mitchell's Plain, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Area: Mitchell's Plain, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Region: Western Cape
Physical Address: 103 Highlands Drive, Lentegeur, Mitchell's Plain, Western Cape, South Africa
Postal Address: Private Bag X19, Mitchell's Plain, 7789, South Africa
Phone: +27 (0)21 370 2300
Fax: +27 (0)21 370 2400
Contact Person: Teresa Weppenaar
GPS Co-Ordinates: 34° 01´ 32.01" S; 18° 36´ 58.33" E

estern Cape Rehabilitation Centre - Mitchell's Plain, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


The Karl Bremer and Conradie Hospital Rehabilitation Centres have been amalgamated into a single Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre (WCRC).

The WCRC is a specialised rehabilitation centre which handles referrals from all levels of rehabilitation services (tertiary, secondary, district and primary services). Clients can also refer themselves to the WCRC out-patient clinic for one-stop assessment and management purposes.

·                          Mission Statement

·                          Services

·                          Additional Facilities

·                          Spin-Offs


The Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre is committed to the efficient and effective rehabilitation of persons with physical disabilities by:

·                          Providing innovative, high-intensity, outcome-based rehabilitation programmes within a safe and supprtive 

·                          Following an interdisciplinary team approach

·                          Having skilled and dedicated staff

·                          Empowering and building partnerships with the broader community

·                          Promoting research and training initiatives.


The WCRC provides specialised, high-intensity rehabilitation and community-reintegration programmes to people who have permanently disabling sequelae of injuries or diseases. It has a maximum capacity of 240 beds, and a daily OPD clinic. Key rehabilitation programmes include:

·                          Stroke

·                          Spinal Cord Injuries

·                          Amputations (post amputation rehabilitation)

·                          Home or work site assessments

·                          Scoliosis clinic

·                          Specialised wheel chair seating clinics

·                          Shoulder, hand and urology clinics.

In terms of population needs, the WCRC will make provision for a total user population 485,950. This translates into one bed per 3,115 of the user population in the Western Cape.

The WCRC offers a unique research and training platform for a variety of health workers, including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers etc, as well as non-professional health workers such as home-based carers.


The Lodge: For boarders or caregivers who are undergoing training, support, counselling; and for rural in-patients following completion of their rehabilitation programme

Sporting and related facilities: A Health and Well-Being centre with an indoor hydrotherapy area and adjoining indoor gymnasium, basketball court, wheelchair obstacle course, wheelchair time-trial course, fenshui meditation garden, and wheelchair repair workshop

Three large therapy areas, each with gymnasiums, counselling areas and ADL areas comprising kitchen, bathroom, dining room and bedroom

Daily Outpatient Department (OPD) for disability assessment, screening, pharmacy and radiology services

Specialist OPD clinics eg scoliosis; hand and shoulder; plastic surgery; amputation; specialised wheelchair/buggy seating

WCRC Nursing School offers Enrolled Nursing Auxiliary, Bridging from ENA to Staff Nurse and Bridging from Enrolled Nurse to Professional Nurse/Registered Nurse courses.


·                          Disabled people were appointed to the Engineering consulting team to ensure that the special needs of disabled consumers are met

·                          Design of the upgrading of Mandalay and Lentegeur Stations was awarded to an architectural firm run by a disabled person to ensure that universal accessibility standards were adhered to

·                          The infrastructure of the surrounding urban area was made disability friendly (pavements, pathways in parks, access to shopping centres), and traffic-calming measures were introduced to facilitate movement of and ensure the safety of disabled clients

·                          Public-service professionals showed a marked increase in awareness of the special needs of disabled people.

Specialised Clinics:
Scoliosis Clinic: 021 370-2354 / 021 370-2353
Hand Clinic: 021 370-2474
Seating Clinic: 021 370-2433
Spinal Clinic: 021 370-2366 / 021 370-2367
Amputation Clinic: 021 370-2366 / 021 370-2367
General / Vocational Rehabilitation: 021 370-2366 / 021 370-2367
Neuro-Rehabilitation Clinic: 021 370-2366 / 021 370-236

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