List of Communication Disorders



List of Communication Disorders


A communication disorder - speech and language disorders which refer to problems in communication and in related areas such as oral motor function. The delays and disorders can range from simple sound substitution to the inability to understand or use language.


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Examples of communication disorders:


  • Autism -- a developmental defect that affects understanding of emotional communication. ***Not classified as a Communication Disorder, but is classified by the DSM-IV-R as a Pervasive Development Disorder. Other communication disorders include Expressive Language Disorder, Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder, Phonological Disorder, Stuttering, and Communication Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.  
  • Aphasia -- loss of the ability to produce or comprehend language  
  • Dysnomia - Deficit involving word retrieval  
  • Blindness -- a defect of the eye or visual system  
  • Deafness -- a defect of the ear or auditory system  
  • Dyslexia -- a defect of the systems used in reading  
  • Dyscalculia -- a defect of the systems used in communicating numbers 
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