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Wikipedia has the following to say about Paramedics:

A paramedic is a medical professional specialising in emergency medical care, which is delivered outside of a clinical environment such as a hospital. Paramedics primarily work as part of the emergency medical services, providing advanced levels of care for acute medical problems and trauma care, followed, where appropriate, by transfer to definitive care.


The majority of paramedics are field based in ambulances, ambulance cars or on specialist units such as cycle response, although some may undertake hospital-based roles, such as the treatment of minor injuries.


The term paramedic is widely used to describe ambulance and emergency medical personnel of all training levels and experience, but in many countries, including the United States, United Kingdom and Germany, the use of the term 'paramedic', or its local translation, is restricted by law. This restriction means that only people meeting a set level of qualifications, skills and experience may use the title, as is the case with other health professions, such as doctors and nurses. In these cases, the country usually has a registration scheme where an official body maintains a list of those people legally qualified to use the title.


Other countries do not have the legal restrictions on the use of paramedic as a job title, and it is legitimately used to refer to all ambulance crew members. This is the case in countries such as Canada and South Africa, with training grades then distinguished by the terms such as primary, intermediate or advanced (e.g. Primary Care Paramedic).

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