Addiction Action Campaign

Area: Johannesburg,Gauteng
Postal Address: Postnet Suite 135, Private Bag x04, Fontainbleau, 2032, South Africa
Phone: +27(0)79 066 3382
Cell: +27(0)79 066 3382
After Hours Number: +27(0)79 066 3382
Contact Person: Warren Whitfield (CEO)

Addiction Action Campaign

The Addiction Action Campaign is a registered non-profit organization that exists for the benefit of all South Africans regardless of race, religion, culture or creed. The epidemic of addiction in our country is massive. Far greater than most people are aware of. One normally thinks of addiction in terms of illegal drugs and alcohol, but millions of South Africans are addicted to a vast range of addictions such as illegal substances, legal substances as well as behaviours.

The A.A.C. exists to reduce the harm caused by the existence and sale of addictive products or services whether they are legal or illegal. One must therefore focus on the demand and on Harm Reduction.


The demand for addictive substances etc. will never end unless people are properly educated from at least the age of 7 years old. However, suppliers must be held financially accountable for the rehabilitation costs of people wishing to receive treatment as industries are responsible to a certain degree.

We have a clear vision and mission for South Africa and we believe that it is possible to greatly reduce the effects of substance abuse and addiction on society.

If there are any errors in the above information, please notify us via an email to

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