Epilepsy South Africa

Area: Observatory, Cape Town
Region: Western Cape
Physical Address: 69 Lower Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne, Cape Town
Postal Address: 69 Lower Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne, 7780, South Africa
Phone: +27 (0)21 703 9420
Fax: +27 (0)21 703 2529


A society in which people with epilepsy have equal opportunities to achieve their fullest potential in all areas of life.

That people with epilepsy
• are individuals and will be treated and respected as such.
• shall not be discriminated against on any grounds including gender, race or religion, and should be able to disclose their epilepsy without fear or rejection.
• are entitled to represent themselves in all matters affecting them.
• are entitled to and shall be encouraged to live independently in their communities.

And that
• quality medical treatment should be accessible and affordable while life supporting medication such as anticonvulsants, should be provided free of charge to those who cannot afford it.
• inclusive education should be available at all levels to people with epilepsy. In exceptional cases people with epilepsy should receive specialized education.
• the particular needs of people with epilepsy should be met through a social assistance system.
• the right to use public transport should be ensured so that no person may be refused transport because of having epilepsy.
• all discriminatory employment policies and practices should be banned so that people with epilepsy will be judged solely by their skills, experience and qualifications.
• the state should promote the employment of people with epilepsy in the open labour market. Incentives should be provided to employers, such as tax concessions, to encourage the employment of people with epilepsy.
• the right of the individual to appropriate and relevant information about epilepsy and the various forms of treatment will be respected.
• the individuals right to freedom of choice to accept or reject treatment, based on an informed decision, will be respected.
• the individuals right to access of information stored, and case notes made in the course of their treatment will be respected

Epilepsy South Africa is a NGO dedicated to working with people with epilepsy and their families, to enable them to lead meaningful and enriching lives. We are a non-profit organization and offer services in the following fields:

• Advice and Information :
Epilepsy South Africa provides advice and information, both to the public and to professionals, on all aspects of epilepsy. Enquiries are dealt with by letter or over the phone.

• Counseling :
Trained and experienced social workers are available for individual, group and family counseling, on living with and managing epilepsy.

• Employment and Training :
Epilepsy South Africa offers advice and guidance in career options, legal implications and employee rights. For those people who are unable to compete on the open labour market as a result of epilepsy, we have Protective Employment Centres. Training programmes at these centres equip a number of people with epilepsy with the necessary skills to return to the labour market.

• Residential Care :
A small proportion of people with epilepsy require specialized, daily care. Our Residential Care Centres provide this service with a view to bringing about the best possible seizure while simultaneously developing life skills to encourage independence and self-sufficiency.

• Education and Literature :
As part of our continuing Epilepsy Education Programme, Epilepsy South Africa offers lectures, talks and symposia, to both professionals and lay groups. A range of literature on various aspects of epilepsy is also available. Our newsletter Epinews, contains articles on a wide range of topics related to epilepsy, and provides information on events and developments of interest to people with epilepsy.

• Representation :
We represent the interests of people with epilepsy wherever possible at both local and national level. When requested , we will often act as an intermediary in employer / employee misunderstandings about epilepsy.

• Self-help :
Epilepsy South Africa encourages self-help programmes and provides guidance to existing and developing groups. Epicare is a self-help group run by people with epilepsy in close association with us.

• Research :
Epilepsy South Africa works closely with individuals and organizations carrying out research into the medical, social and psychological aspects of epilepsy. We constantly undertake different research studies to ensure that our services remain on target.

If there are any errors in the above information, please notify us via an email to info@sadoctors.co.za


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