Family Mediator's Association of the Cape (FAMAC)

Area: Brackenfell, Cape Town, Western Cape
Region: Western Cape
Physical Address: 10 Protea Road, Brackenfell, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Postal Address: 10 Protea Road, Brackenfell, 7560, South Africa
Phone: +27 (0))21 801 6176
Fax: +27 (0)21 982 7882
Contact Person: Charmaine Senior

Family Mediator's Association of the Cape (FAMAC)

Advantages Of Mediation

Divorce or separation usually involves a major crisis for a family. Arrangements for children, housing, financial and property matters all need to be decided upon. There may be a lot of anger between the parties as well as great distress. Divorcing and separating couples often want to avoid contested court proceedings - which can escalate hostility and be very prolonged and costly, both emotionally and financially - but in the strained circumstances.

it is often impossible for the couple to work things out on their own. To overcome this situation, trained mediators work together with the couple, their role being to reduce conflict by helping the couple to consider the issues that need to be settled and the various options that may be available to them to facilitate reaching agreement.

They help couples work towards financial settlements and focus on the needs of the children, encouraging parental cooperation wherever possible. The mediation is able to be terminated at any stage if any participant feels that mediation is inappropriate or that no further progress can be made.

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