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Lifeline Western Cape

A Person Becomes a Person Through Other People

LifeLine Southern Africa values nearly 40 years of experience and believes in the uniqueness of its core business. The Association endeavours to promote relevant, appropriate and accessible counselling and emotional wellness services in collaboration with strategic partners.

LifeLine was founded in 1963 by the late Reverend Dr Sir Alan Walker as a telephone crisis service of the Methodist Central Mission in Sydney.

Bishop Peter Storey brought LifeLine to South Africa in 1968 and opened a centre in Cape Town.

LifeLine in Southern Africa
Lifeline Southern Africa comprises of nineteen main centres. Most of the main centres have established or manage smaller subsidiaries that do not yet function independently or function as a service point in a community. These are known as outreaches. LifeLine Southern Africa covers South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.

The Association is an NGO/NPO (non-government/non-profit organisation) with the centres functioning autonomously. The Secretariat and the Executive Board is the body that accredits and represents LifeLine centres and service points throughout Southern Africa. The secretariat is the centralizing body of the organization. This is where regional and national projects are coordinated, procedures and policies developed, and capacity building for the organization is done.

LifeLine Southern Africa is a member of LifeLine International.

At grassroots, the services are delivered mostly by volunteers trained by ourselves and that earn at most a stipend for travelling etc. Some projects, due to their nature, employ permanent staff.

LifeLine International
LifeLine International links centres and people in many parts of the world that are providing telephone counselling and related services through a membership that is administered by a board whose members are nominated by member countries. It is also the link to other international organizations like Samaritans, IFOTES and Befrienders.

There are 300 centres in 18 countries with some 50,000 active counsellors. These countries include Southern Africa ( South Africa, Namibia and Botswana), Canada, Ghana, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Samoa, Liberia, Fiji, Malaysia, Tonga, China and the USA.

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