South African Multiple Birth Association (SAMBA)

Postal Address: PO Box 68858 , Highveld, 0169, South Africa
Phone: +27 (0)861 432 432
Cell: +27 (0)82 457 0799
After Hours Number: +27 (0)82 457 0799
Contact Person: Izelle Jooste

South African Multiple Birth Association (SAMBA)

What is SAMBA?

  • Non-commercial, non-partisan, non-profit making and interdenominational organization of volunteers
  • Registered with the SA Government as a non-profit organization
  • Founded in 1975

    What does SAMBA offer?
  • Provide moral and practical support to parents or guardians of multiple births (the primary purpose)
  • Assist with various problems which may occur out of multiple births
  • Educate parents/guardians on different aspects of multiple births
  • Help in research projects specifically pertaining to multiples
  • Broaden the understanding of those aspects of child development and rearing which relate especially to multiple births through the interchange of information between parents, educators, doctors and others having direct interest and appropriate experience
  • To co-operate with other organisations in related fields
  • To co-operate and liaise with Multiple Birth Associations globally and other national and international organisations
    • By obtaining discounts and donations from suppliers, commodities, clothing and other necessities for the benefit of members
    • Independently or jointly with customer or other organisations to investigate and report on safety of toys, medicines, clothing and other articles sold for the use or consumption of infants and children.
    • By running a second-hand facility
  • Create an awareness amongst the public of what it means to be a parent, guardian or sibling of multiples, and also what it means to the children to be multiples.

    SAMBA is divided into various local groups, which fall under a central National Committee (all involved on committees are volunteering their time)
    SAMBA is headed by a National Committee which:
  • Administers the overall conduct of SAMBA
  • Provides a central liaison channel as to monitor the affairs at each region
  • Publish information relevant to parents of multiple births throughout South Africa as to allow them to take advantage thereof
  • Produce a National Publication on a (bi-monthly) basis which features information on multiple birth rearing and other aspects relevant to parents of multiple births
  • Act as a central spokesman for the interest of all members
  • To participate on a National basis with other organisations, having similar aims, in mutual endeavour.

    SAMBA is divided into various Local Groups which:
  • Find out the needs of their members and meet those needs
  • Provide assistance, education and support for members (togetherness and friendship) and introduce members to SAMBA

  • Parents and guardians of multiples who are single, married, divorced or widowed, be they natural parents, adoptive parents or foster parents
  • Multiples themselves.


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