World Burn Foundation of Southern Africa

Area: Cape Town, Western Cape
Phone: +27 (0)21 761 5954
Contact Person: Gert Eksteen

World Burn Foundation of Southern Africa


Fire and burns are potential threats to the life and well-being of everyone in South Africa. Although it victimises the poor disproportionately, no one is immune. But prudence in our daily life can minimize the chance of a burn injury and make the difference between life and death.

Actions currently underway include:

  • Long-term, multiple-media, advertising campaign to make South Africans more conscious of burn prevention;
  • Designing effective fire and burn prevention education programmes for schools and high risk communities.
  • Implementing support groups for burn survivors and family particularly at hospital facilities providing burn treatment;
  • Supporting research to improve the rehabilitation of burn survivors and their families;
  • Lobbying fire department priorities toward prevention, with an emphasis on educational programmes;
  • Encouraging regional cooperative arrangements amongst organisations with similar priorities;

Vision Statement

The World Burn Foundation of Southern Africa strives to be the premier support for burn trauma.

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