Massage Therapy Association of South Africa (MTA)

Area: Cape Town, Western Cape
Postal Address: PO Box 53320, Kenilworth, 7745, South Africa
Phone: +27 (0)76 549 7753
Fax: +27 (0)86 503 6016

Massage Therapy Association of South Africa (MTA)

The Massage Therapy Association - South Africa (MTA) - formerly known as the Holistic Massage Practitioners Association - was founded in 1989 to work towards the professional recognition of Therapeutic Massage Therapy in South Africa.

MTA is managed by an annually elected Committee and is a non-profit making organisation with its own Constitution, Code of Ethics and Conditions of Membership to govern the conduct of its members. It is to date, the only professional association representing the interests of Therapeutic Massage Therapists in South Africa.

A Brief History of MTA's Involvement in the Profession

  • Motivated Therapeutic Massage Therapists to work as a cohesive group to foster respect of the profession by developing and adhering to uniform standards, codes of practice and conduct.
  • Raised the profile of Therapeutic Massage Therapy amongst the health professions, the public and the government departments.
  • Negotiated with the Chiropractors, Homeopaths and Allied Health Services Professions Interim Council on behalf of Therapeutic Massage Therapists in South Africa.
  • Successfully lobbied for the registration of Therapeutic Massage Therapy as a statutory recognised profession.
  • Participated in the rewriting of the amended Allied Health Professions Act No. 63 of 1982 to protect the interests of Therapeutic Massage Therapy and Therapeutic Massage Therapists.
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