South African Society for Microbiology (SASM)

Area: Durban, Kwazulu Natal
Postal Address: Durban University of Technology, PO Box 1334, Durban, 4000, South Africa
Phone: +27 (0)31 373 2808
Fax: +27 (0)31 373 2038
Contact Person: Dr Poovendhree Reddy

South African Society for Microbiology (SASM)

Welcome to the South African Society for Microbiology (SASM).

SASM is a non-profit professional association dedicated to the advancement of microbiological sciences in South Africa. Its members comprise microbiologists employed in universities, institutes, industry and government as well as student and corporate members.

The current membership is about 300. Eligibility to become a full member of the Society is open to any person who holds at least a bachelor's degree or equivalent in microbiology or related field. Students majoring in microbiology are encouraged to sign up as student members.

If there are any errors in the above information, please notify us via an email to

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