The South African Society of Haematology (S.A.S.H)

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The South African Society of Haematology (S.A.S.H)

SASH) Mission statement

The South African Society of Haematology (SASH) is a scientific and educational non-profit organization aiming to bring together haematologists, physicians, scientists, technologists and administrators with an interest in and/or involved in the teaching, research, practice and promotion of haematology. The objectives of the Society are:

To set the standards for the education, training and practice of haematology in Southern Africa.

To organize annual meetings and provide a forum for discussion of advances in haematology.

To synthesize and evaluate evidence-based and consensus guidelines for management of haematological disorders.

To identify haematological problems affecting populations in Southern Africa, the continent and the rest of the world.

To promote the acquisition, dissemination, exchange and application of knowledge in haematology.

To develop, standardize and critically evaluate new and existing diagnostic tests, instrumentation and reagents used in haematology.

To encourage and promote collaborative activities among SASH members as well as with other national and international organisations.

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