United South African Pharmacies (USAP)

Area: Cape Town, Western Cape
Phone: +27 (0)21 671 4473

United South African Pharmacies (USAP)


USAP was formed in 1996 by pharmacists to assist pharmacies in combating the declining service levels from many medical schemes and the spiralling discounts demanded by them, particularly for chronic work. This initial stage was very effective: we managed to pull back discount levels to a maximum of 20% for both acute and chronic. In doing so we managed to establish a good and cooperative relationship with many medical schemes which has assisted pharmacies to achieve better service levels and, in fact, better tariffs. The fact that many medical schemes are currently reimbursing at a level higher than the 26 capped fee is testimony to USAP’s intervention and negotiations.  Currently, we offer two services: one is ongoing negotiation with schemes about service and dispensing fee levels, the other is a service directly to pharmacies who are having difficulty with medical schemes. Given our small infrastructure, we will assist pharmacies who have exhausted their own powers and in this we have been quite successful.

One of USAP’s missions is to take any steps available to increase the ­viability of the independent community-practice pharmacy.

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