Use it or lose it

Use it or lose it – why leaving your hearing loss might cost you more than you think

People often think that your hearing is all about your ears, but in fact they simply serve as starting point to a much more complex processing system.  We are more concerned about your brain!

Your brain is a very efficient organ; no space goes unused and your brain wastes no time reorganizing itself and “cleaning house” Hublot Replica Watches so to speak.  When one system is not operating at its normal capacity, the brain literally changes its physical structure and function to adapt to the lack of stimulation.  This process is known as auditory deprivation and many times this is the culprit for so many complaints we hear from our patients every day.

“I can hear people speaking, but I just can’t make out what they are saying…”

“The television is loud, but the words are unclear”

Sounds familiar? When deprived of sound for a few years your nerve loses its ability to carry the sound to your brain.  Years later, even fitted with the best technology, your brain simply cannot use the information anymore.

When people are fitted with hearing aids for the first time, it is not as simple as putting on a pair of spectacles.  We have to train your brain to use sound effectively again, after being starved of sound for a long period of time.  Similar to physical exercise, it might be a slight shock to your system and just like attempting your first “push-up” you might feel that your body is simply not able to IWC Replica perform the function.  But with repeated and consistent trying, your body becomes stronger and more efficient.  When a hearing aid is worn consistently, the brain becomes fit to process the information.

We care about your brain, do you?

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